When the scan service is activated, you're able to get all the paper invoices as electronic invoices in a minute.

With the scan service you can combine the receiving of paper and electronic invoice and will get rid off all the paper which will make you work more efficient. The only thing you have to do is to open a scan account and ask your suppliers to send paper invoices to your scan address, if they aren't able to send electronic invoices yet. The paper invoice will be first scanned in the scanning service. After that, the basic information of invoice will be interpreted and and the electronic invoice will be formed based on the interpreted fields. Below you will find the information that is interpreted from the invoice: 

Invoice number, Invoice date, Due date, Currency code, IBAN account number, Your reference, Payment Reference nr, Serial number, VAT amount, Invoice amount total, Supplier’s Business Code, Supplier’s name, Invoice type

Invoice information and image will be sent to your Maventa account and they're transferred to your financial management software like other electronic invoices. 

How to activate the scan account:

1. Log on to your Maventa account https://secure.maventa.com/users/login?lang=EN

2. Click 'Settings' (from the top right corner)

3. Click 'Scan account' under 'Extra services' from the left menu

4. Add your postal address and email for delivery of non-invoice material. 

5. Choose 'I accept the pricing and agreements and want to open a scan account' and then click 'Order'

After activating your scan account you will see your scan address.

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