Please make sure the invoicing address is correct.

Note! The serial number is the company ID without the hyphen.
Company name

Serial number 
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan

E.g. if your company ID is 1234567-8, your new scan address is:
The company 

PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan

  • NOTE! The serial number must also be on the address field of the invoice, not only on the letter case. When sending PDF-invoices via e-mail, the serial number doesn't need be on the address field because the e-mail address itself identifies the correct invoice recipient
  • Invoice(s) are mailed in one letter case including their attachments which means that invoices with multiple pages should not be separated into different letter cases. You can put multiple invoices into the same letter case
  • The invoices should be printed with a high-quality printer using only black color
  • The invoice pages should not be stapled together
  • The invoice amount should be on display
  • The invoice picture should be vertical, not horizontal

You can find more specific information on this PDF-file:


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