Peppol eases the trade between suppliers and buyers by providing a standardised way for exchanging trading documents electronically within countries and cross-border. Sending and receiving between recipients takes place over Peppol Access Points that connect the buyers and suppliers to the network. Any changes in PEPPOL-settings do not affect invoice sending through Maventa.

Maventa is one of the certified Peppol Access Points. This means that when you are integrated to Maventa you can easily provide connection to Peppol to your customers.

By registering to the PEPPOL network, you can receive electronic invoices from all companies capable of sending via the PEPPOL network. By registering, information about your company's ability to receive invoices in the PEPPOL network is added to the PEPPOL Directory service:

Registration is free of charge and receiving costs are the same as with regular e-invoice receiving.

If the company is already registered to receive invoices through another Access Point than Maventa this registration needs to be removed by the old Access Point before Maventa can do the registration.

How to register to PEPPOL?

1. Login to your Maventa account
2. Select Settings from the top menu
3. From the left side menu, select Invoice settings > Receiving invoices
4. Toggle on PEPPOL Network, the status will change to "Active"

After the activation is successful, you will see your company's PEPPOL e-invoicing address, which you can inform your suppliers. Your company's PEPPOL address will also appear at

If there is no need for PEPPOL connection, the admin user can deactivate it by logging into Companys Maventa account and there change settings from Settings > Invoice settings > Receiving invoices and PEPPOL network > Deactivate.

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