Below are instructions for sending PDF materials:

1. Log in to your Maventa account (instructions)

2. Select Dashboard from the top bar

3. After that, select Mass printing service on the left (Note: The link is only visible when the Finnish language is selected)

4. The page opens in a new tab to the address

5. Log in using the same credentials as when logging into the Maventa account (It is possible to change the password by choosing "Change password" starting from 27 October 2023).

6. On the sending page, a ZIP file is selected, which contains one or more letters as PDF files (one letter per PDF file), possible color printing and, in addition, the letter class Economy or Priority. Click Send when you want to send the file. You will still receive an OK message for a successful operation.

7. If necessary, you can return to the listing by clicking "Back to listing", where you can see the sent files and their status.

8. When we receive a confirmation from the printing service that the letters have been printed, you will receive a message to your e-mail address.

One user can only have one account for the Mass printing service. If you have access to the Maventa account of several companies, you can only send PDF materials in the name of one company with the standard settings.

If you want to send PDF materials from e.g. several companies' Maventa accounts, contact our customer service at and we will open the sending of PDF materials to the companies you want free of charge.

Before sending, please make sure that the letter layouts meet the requirements of the printing service.

  • The materials can be e.g. invoices, notices or payslips.
  • The materials must be ZIP-packaged, one PDF per letter.
  • A ZIP package can contain several PDF files.
  • PDF letters must comply with the design instructions, see the instructions here
  • All used fonts must be included in the PDF material. The user must ensure that he has the necessary font licenses. for the purpose of use.
  • See the list of standard fonts supported by the printing service here
  • The service provider does not take responsibility for the transmission of incorrectly positioned letters!

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