How to terminate my Maventa account?

If you want to terminate your Maventa account, please contact the customer service of your invoicing software or directly through Maventa's customer service. If you are using Visma's billing software, termination should generally be done through the customer service of the software you are using. You can find the contact information for Visma's billing softwares, where termination should be reported instead of to Maventa's customer service, here. If you do not have the billing software listed, you can contact Maventa's customer service to terminate your account in address: or submit a request in The notice of termination must be submitted by the main user of the account or the person authorized to sign the company.

The notice of termination must be submitted by a person with signature rights of the company or Maventa account admin. If the requester is person withouth admin rights to the account, we will check the requester's signature rights in the trade register of Suomen Asiakastieto. A notice of termination form is sent to the requester via Visma Sign and it must be signed electronically.

Termination takes effect as soon as the signed form has been handled by our support. In cases where the termination is scheduled for a later date, we recommend that you send us a written notice of termination about a week before the desired termination date. If the termination is urgent or you have not received confirmation of the closure by the desired time, you can contact us via chat (weekdays 9-11 and 12-14 Finnish time).

What should I consider when terminating an account?

After termination, you will no longer be able to log into the account or send and receive invoices. Please export the necessary invoices from Maventa before the termination. This can be done by logging into your account and navigating to  Settings > Invoice tools > Export invoices. Please remember to update the invoicing information in the Maventa account under Settings -> Company settings -> Invoicing information.

If you have used the scanning service in your Maventa account, the scanning service will be closed on termination. All the materials that are sent to your scanning address after closing, will be forwarded to your return address for 60 days. The return email address is given in Settings > Invoice settings > Receiving invoices > Scanning service. After this, materials sent to the scanning service will no longer be processed. Suppliers should be informed about address changes.

After termination, your Maventa account's e-invoicing address will be removed from the public e-invoicing address registry (Verkkolaskuosoitteisto) on the next day.

If there have been transactions on your account since the last invoicing, you will still receive a final invoice. The minimum invoice amount is 10 euros, and if this amount has not been reached after sending the previous invoice, we will send the final invoice in July or January, depending on the time of termination. It is your company's responsibility to ensure that the invoicing address is up to date. Before closing the account, please make sure that the invoicing information is up to date. You can update the invoicing information in Settings > Company settings > Invoicing information.

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