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The EN16931 standard in accordance with the EU norm will come into effect in Finland on a practical level as of 1 April 2021, after which operators will start rejecting incorrectly produced invoices that have been marked with the EN16931 standard.

The change only applies to invoices in accordance with the EU standard (Finvoice30, Teapps30, or PeppolBIS30), which have the EN16931 mark. If you send EN16931 standardized material to other operators, but it does not pass the validation tests set for the standard, the invoice will end up in an error state before the actual transmission to the receiving operator.

After 1.4. you can also send other invoice material that is not defined as the EN16931 standard, such as older Finvoice or TEAPPS formats. You can also supply Finvoice30 or Teapps30 material without EN16931 marking. In this case, the normal validation rules defined by the Confederation of Finnish Financial Services are applied to the material.

Please note, however, that in this case, the recipient has a legal right not to pay the invoice if they require invoices in accordance with the EU standard. 

In order to receive EN16931 standardized e-invoices, support for EU compliance and Finvoice 3.0 / TEAPPSXML 3.0 / PEPPOLBIS 3.0 material must be built into your software.

Valid material is generated by the software where the invoice is created, so if you are unsure whether the material produced there complies with the standard, you can verify this with your software.

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