We process personal data in the Maventa service as a personal data processor, while our client companies act as the data controller.

Data protection in the contract terms of the Maventa service

A data protection addendum (effect on May 1, 2018) has been added to Maventa's contract, which defines the principles of personal data processing for the Maventa service. The privacy notice and the actual contract terms can be found on our website https://www.visma.com/trust-centre/privacy/

Subcontractors used for the production of the service

A data processing agreement has been concluded with all subcontractors, with the help of which we ensure the data protection level of our subcontractors and thus take care of the data protection of the users of our service. Here you can find an up-to-date list of the subcontractors we use to produce the Maventa service.

Instructions regarding data protection issues

If you suspect any kind of data protection or information security-related problem related to the Maventa service or it´s subcontractor, contact Maventa's customer service immediately or, in accordance with Visma's Responsible Disclosure program, by email to the address responsible-disclosure@visma.com. More information about Visma's Responsible Disclosure program can be found at https://www.visma.com/trust-centre/security/

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