What is an EIA code and what can I do with it?

The EIA code consists of the Finnish Tax Administration's code 0037 + the business ID of the company without a dash (8 characters) and possible extension (up to 5 characters). If your company does not yet use e-invoicing and does not have an e-invoicing address, you can easily get it into use by signing up for a free Maventa account here. The EIA identifier is generated automatically and can be found in the Maventa interface under Settings > Invoice Settings > Receiving Invoices.

You can search for a recipients' EIA's from the public e-invoice directory.

What is an e-invoice operator?

An e-invoice operator is the intermediator of e-invoices, and the party that delivers the invoices created in your ERP system to the recipients. An e-invoice operator is like a post office for your e-invoices, that sends and receives e-invoices on your behalf.

You can fetch the invoices that have arrived to your invoice operator to your ERP in the same way that you can fetch invoices to your company's mailbox from a post office. E-invoicing services are provided not only by specialized e-invoicing operators, but also by all Finnish banks.

The e-invoicing network formed by banks is commonly called the bank network. The operator identifier is part of the e-invoice address and is used to direct the invoice to the correct e-invoice operator.

How do I start e-invoicing?

To get started with e-invoicing, you only need two things:

1. Maventa e-Invoice account which you can open at:

2. An ERP that is capable of reading and creating e-invoices.

Opening an account is free and takes about 10-15 minutes.

Can I create invoices in Maventa?

Maventa only works as an invoice operator, so creating invoices directly in Maventa is not possible. Invoices are created in an invoicing program (for example, Netvisor), from which they are then forwarded to Maventa.

How does Maventa's e-invoice routing work?

If the e-invoice address on the invoice is missing or not found in the Maventa routing registry, Maventa's routing automatically selects an alternative way to deliver the invoice.

Maventa first searches for e-invoice addresses with recipient's organization number. If Maventa can't confirm one of the addresses to be the correct one, the invoice will be sent with the next possible method (first by e-mail and finally by post).

What information is required to send an e-invoice?

At least the EIA-indentifier /e-invoice address or the receiver's VAT / organization number. However, we recommend always giving the whole e-invoice address (EIA and operator identifier) if it's known.

How do I know if the invoice has been delivered?

If you cannot find this information directly in your ERP you can login to your Maventa account at and check the invoice status.

I get an error when trying to send an e-invoice, why?

Invoice sending can fail for example for the following reasons:

  • Invoice has an invalid e-invoice address
    → check the e-invoice address, and resend the invoice after correcting recipient's information in your ERP
  • Operator identifier is not given on the invoice, and the recipient's information is not found from the e-invoice address directory or Maventa's routing registry
    → add the operator identifier and resend the invoice
  • The invoice recipient uses a bank as an operator and bank network connection has not been activated on your company's Maventa account
    → activate the bank network connection and resend the invoice after you get confirmation of activation.

Can I send attachments with the invoices?

You can send attachments with e-invoices and email invoices. Attachments will not be delivered when the invoice is sent through the bank network or print service.

How can I be sure that my invoice has been successfully sent?

You can check the status of an outbound invoice after logging in to Maventa and by clicking Sent invoices.

If the delivery of the invoice has failed, the status of the invoice is Error. In addition, an error message is sent to the sender for a failed invoice transmission, if invoice error notifications are turned on in the settings as follows: Settings > Invoice settings > Invoice notifications > Sent invoices. If the invoices status is Sent, the invoice has been delivered successfully and the sending method is shown in the Sent via column.

Some of Maventa's software partners import invoice status information into the invoicing program. If necessary, you can get more information about this from the supplier of your financial management software.

Can I build an FTP server connection to Maventa?

It is not possible to build an FTP server connection into Maventa's billing network. If your software does not have an integration to Maventa, you can build an integration through our API. You can find our API documentation here.

If it isn't possible for you to build an integration, you can use Maventa Connector to connect your billing software to Maventa's billing network.

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