What can be done using the events :

comment - Add a comment or question. With this event you can add a comment or ask a question from Visma Amili Oy related to the assignment in question. Visma Amili Oy will also use this event for sending comments or questions to your company.

It is highly recommended to follow up closely these comment events. Good solutions would be to build some separate view to list only the comment events for a clear separation from all the other events. In this way you will ensure that senders will easily see if an assignment gets a question or a comment from Visma Amili Oy that they might need to respond to somehow.

Both company and Visma Amili Oy can send this event.

paid - This event is used for notifying when assignment gets paid by the customer, for informing direct payment and for marking credit note as used.

Notifying when assignment gets paid by the customer: Visma Amili Oy will use this event to notify when the customer has paid the assignment either fully or partly. If the customer pays the whole sum Visma Amili Oy marks the assignment as closed (close event is added). 

If the customer pays more than the invoice sum is the extra money is returned to the customer. So there is no way of paying more than one invoice at a time. Visma Amili Oy won’t save the money to upcoming payments. In account statement (SEPA) all the payments done by Visma Amili Oy have VISMA FINANC as a payer’s name abbreviation, which will be updated to Visma Amili in the near future. This information can be used to identify direct payments which will then have something else as payer’s name.

Inform direct payments: With this event you can inform Visma Amili Oy if the customer has made a direct payment to your company’s account. Amount paid can be either full or partial payment. Use a comment event if you want to give some additional information related to the payment. If assignment is fully paid Visma Amili Oy will close the assignment afterwards (close event is added). It is really important to use this event to inform the direct payments in order for Visma Amili Oy to know to update the sum that is still open or to close the assignment. We highly advice to automate this event from the ERP when direct payments happens.

Mark credit note as used: When credit note is sent and connected to an assignment (credit_note event is used) credit note is also needed to be marked as used and that can be done using this event for the credit note and giving the paid sum as negative value. In this way Visma Amili Oy will get the information to also mark the credit note as closed (close event is added). (When connecting a credit note to an assignment through our UI the credit note is marked automatically as used.)

Paid event will update the parameter “paid” in the assignment. the assignment “sum” does not get updated.

close - This event is used by Visma Amili Oy to mark the assignment as closed. Assignment gets closed when it is fully paid by the customer, marked as fully paid by the sender or if the sender wants to cancel the assignment.

Only Visma Amili Oy can send this event.

Request a due date change -  If there is a need to update the due date of an assignment, you can request the change. Visma Amili Oy will either accept or reject the request depending on the new due date and how far in the collection process the assignment already is. If the debt collection process has been started, due date change will be rejected. When a due date change request is accepted you will receive a confirmation event (due_date_changed event is added) about the acceptance and due date is updated accordingly for the assignment (parameter due_date gets a new value). If request is rejected you will get a comment with the reason for the rejection (comment event is added).

Only company can send this event.

credit note - You can connect a credit note to an assignment by giving the credit note number and credit sum with this event. This event is added for the assignment in question you want to connect the credit note to. Give the credit note sum as positive value in the request. If assignment is fully credited Visma Amili Oy will close the assignment (close event is added). If the credit note is sent through Maventa you will also need to mark the credit note as used and connected by adding a paid event to the credit note assignment and give the paid sum as negative value. If the credit note is not sent through Maventa you should still use this event to inform Visma Amili Oy for crediting the assignment so that they know to close the assignment, or if only part of the assignment is credited they will continue payment monitoring and possible debt collection process with a different sum.

If whole assignment is credited with the credit note:

Assignment gets credit_note event with credit sum given as positive value Credit note gets paid event with paid sum as negative value

We highly advice to automate this event in the ERP side to always create credit_note event to an assignment when user creates credit notes in the ERP.Only company can send this event.

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