From all the invoices sent through the Receivables Management service, will create an assignment of the invoice. Assignment is something through which the company can follow up the process on the Visma Financial Solutions side and if the invoice gets paid on time by the debitor (receiver). Assignment is also used for all the communication between the sender company and Visma Financial Solutions Oy. To link the sent invoice and assignment together, there is parameters reference_ids and invoice_id in the assignment having the invoice uuid of the sent invoice. There are 3 different statuses the assignment can have:

Open - The assignment is open and Visma Financial Solutions is monitoring the assignment. On the other words the invoice hasn’t yet been paid.

Partially closed - The assignment has been paid but the customer still has open charges which Visma Financial Solutions will continue to collect.

Closed - The assignment is closed. The assignment has been paid and no charges are open. Visma Financial Solutions has transferred the money to company’s account.

Parties connected to an assignment (company and Visma Financial Solutions) can add events to communicate changes to the assignment. Events describe what has happened to the assignment for example when the customer pays the invoice Visma Financial Solutions will add an Paid event to the assignment. Events can also be used to update assignment information from the sender side like requesting a new due date or inform direct payments. Events can be considered as a communication channel between Visma Financial Solutions and your company.

We highly advice to automate these events as far as it is possible from the ERP. At least paid and credit_note events for making sure these will be commnunicated always to the Visma Financial Solutions without needing to rely end user to remember to do these through our UI.

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