If the merger results in a new company name, a new account should be created for the new company name. This is usually done either through the financial management software (ERP) or directly from the user interface, i.e. from the Maventa account under Settings > Tools > Create new company. 

Some companies wants to keep the old account still open for a while, so that if some invoice suppliers still send invoices with the old information the invoices come through. Your accounting office might also still need to do some financial statements with the old account. The company still has the responsibility to terminate the old account when it is appropriate.

You can keep two accounts open for a while, in which case the old EIA can be used until you terminate the account. Please note that once the old account is closed, you will no longer be able to view the invoices for that account. The termination notice must be made by an admin user or the person authorised to sign on behalf of the company. If the notice of termination is submitted by a person with signatory rights, we will check the signatory rights with Suomen Asiakastieto and send them a Visma Sign form to sign separately. The request must therefore come directly from the person with the right to sign. More information about the termination of an account through this link.

We also recommend that you set up consolidated invoicing for these accounts to be closed so that the new main account serves as the main invoicing destination. You can do that in the user interface by going to 
Settings > Billing information and choosing from the drop down menu "Billing through another company" and giving the new account's information. This will avoid future billing of old accounts from the wrong/old organisation number.

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