Incoming and outgoing invoices can be found in their own tabs in the user interface. 

You can select from the view how many invoices are listed per page (25,50, or 100)

Searching for an invoice

On the Sent tab, you can search invoices by invoice number or recipient name. You can also search for invoices for a specific time period by clicking the search button and setting the dates.

Selection of columns to display

You can choose what information is displayed in the columns on the invoice. You will see the following information: Invoice number, Invoice ID, Reference number, Sender's ID, Recipient, Recipient's ID, Invoice Date, Due Date, Sent, Delivered, Tax-Free Amount, Taxable Amount, Status, the channel the invoice has been sent through, and open a new tab.

Downloading invoices

You can download the invoices of the displayed page to your computer in XLS or CSV format. Please note that if you have the "25 invoices per page" view selected, a maximum of 25 invoices will be included in the download.

Details of an individual invoice

Click the invoice line to open the invoice information.

You can resend the invoice with the "Resend invoice .." button, either using the same route or giving a completely new route/address for the invoice. You can resend both previously sent and erroneous invoices.

You can find all the files of the invoice sent through Maventa in the "Invoice attachments" section. Click the buttons to open and save the files as needed.

Invoice events tell you when and to what address the invoice was sent. If the invoice is resent, the details of the most recent shipment will also be updated. If the invoice is left in error, the contents of the error message will be displayed in the events.

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