The Finnish government has already started receiving standardized e-invoices as of April 2020.

The state will start requiring eReceipts and order messages by 2025 as part of the real-time economy project. By April 2024 the state will be ready to process orders, order confirmations, order cancellations and catalog messages through PEPPOL.

The Peppol network enables the sending and receiving of structured order messages, catalogs and electronic receipts, making it possible to electrify and automate the procurement pipeline between supplier and buyer.

The state treasury acts as an OpenPEPPOL authority, which promotes the introduction of the Peppol infrastructure in the digitalization of invoicing and trading documents within Finland.

You can read more about the state treasury's real-time economy project from this link.

Maventa already supports the transmission of standardized and electronic trading documents through PEPPOL.

Read more about the transferring of trade documents from our API integration guide.

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