You can send attachments with your e- and email invoices.

Maventa itself has set no limits for the size of the attachment. Some operators have the attachment size limited to 5MB or less and this is good to remember when sending attachments.

If you're sending attachments that are bigger than 5MB, there's a risk that your invoice gets rejected by the receiving operator. 

It is also good to notice that with UBL-format, the size of the attachments is limited to 10MB per attachment.

In email attachments, attachments over 5MB are not embedded to the email, but the receiver receives a link to access the attachments.

Smaller attachments will be embedded to the email unless the sender has defined that all email invoices are being sent as attachments.

The purpose of the size limitations is to reduce the amount of failed invoice deliveries that are caused by the limitations of the receivers email server. For this reason sending big files via email is not recommended and these should be sent to the receiver by using other methods.

When sending from Maventa, the amount of attachments is not limited. The name of the attachment can contain letters a-z, numbers 1-9 and caracters . and _. Spaces, other special characters or letters å, ä or ö are not allowed. The lenght of the file name is limited to 50 characters

Allowed attachment types are  *.pdf; *.doc; *.xls; *.tif; *.jpg; *.gif; *.txt; *.xsl; *.html; *.htm

Due to technical limitations, PDF-images of the invoice is not being delivered to bank network, but Maventa converts the material so that there will be a link that allowes to receiver to download the original invoice image. Other attachments cannot be sent to bank network.

Please notice, that you can only send xml-invoices through Maventa user interface, therefore you cannot send invoice images or attachments through UI.

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