What will I be billed for?

Maventa works as an online invoicing operator. It forwards invoices from the supplier to the invoice recipient electronically. Through Maventa, it is possible to send online, e-mail and paper invoices according to the invoicing information provided by the recipient. Through us, it is also possible to receive online invoices and through the scanning service, e-mail and paper invoices can also be received electronically.

Charges are transactions and you can view these in the attachment file of the invoice you receive. The attached file shows when the transactions have been created. You can find more information about the Maventa service here.

I received an incorrect invoice from Maventa, how do I complain?

If you believe you have received an incorrect invoice or should not have received an invoice at all for your use of Maventa services, please contact our customer service directly at support@maventa.com or submit a support request at https://support.maventa.fi/fi/support/tickets/new.

The company has merged, what do I do?

If the company gets a new ID as a result of the merger, a new account should be set up for the new ID. This is usually done either through the financial management software or directly from the user interface, i.e. from the Maventa account under Settings > Tools > Create a new company.

You can keep two accounts open for a while, in which case the old OVT ID can be used until you terminate the contract. Please note that when the old account is closed, you will no longer be able to view the invoices for that account. The notice of termination must be submitted by the main user of the account or the person authorized to sign the company. If the notice of termination is given by the company's registered person, we also need an extract from the company's trade register.

We also recommend that you set consolidated billing for these closed accounts so that the new main account serves as the main billing target. This will avoid invoicing old accounts with the wrong/old ID in the future. If necessary, you can find the instructions here. 

I paid the bill twice, what do I do?

The overperformance on the invoice is automatically allocated to future Maventa service invoices. This does not cause you to take action.

I want to cancel my Maventa account, what do I do?

Termination of a Maventa account is done in writing through customer service. You can send a notification to the email address support@maventa.com or visit: https://support.maventa.fi/fi/support/tickets/new 

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