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1. General

When and why has the login method changed? Where has this been announced? 

When: The new two-step login method was launched on October 5th, 2020 on Maventa's login page. Prior to this, the change has been operational and testable in Maventa's testing environment. 

Why: The login method that was previously used with the code sent via email was not considered to be a secure and functional verification method. With the reform logging in has become more secure. 

Where was this informed: Prior to the renewal of the new login method, the login paged of Maventa's user interface had announcements about the upcoming change and its time. After the change was launched a notification of the change and instructions for setting up a new two-step login could be found on Maventa's login page. 

In addition, Maventa's software partners and direct customers were notified of the change by email in September. 


2. Logins and login 

I have changed the password for my Maventa credentials, but I still can't login, what do I do now? 

Please check that you have requested a password change via Maventa's login page ( under "Forgot your password?" You should then receive an email with instructions and a link to change your password. 

How do I reset/change my password for Maventa? 

You can request a new password Maventa's login page ( under "Forgot your password?"

I requested a password change but did not receive and email/link to change my password, why? 

It is possible that you were redirected to another site when you signed in, and therefore did not receive password reset instructions to your email. 

Please make sure that you made the password update request directly via our login page ( under "Forgot your password?" 

If you have made the request from Maventa's login page and still have not received an email, please contact our support either via our support portal chat service (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm) or by email to 

I don't remember / don't know my Maventa username, what do I do? 

You can ask another admin of your Maventa account to see which email your account has been created with. Once you know which email is in use, you can request a new password from our login page ( under "Forgot your password?" Followed by instructions on hot to change your password. 

If you are the only user on your account, please contact our customer support either through out chat service (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm) or by email to and we will help you with your ID. 

I tried to log in to Maventa but I get the following error "Access denied, Maventa is not available due to application usage" What do I do? 

In this case, you will be redirected to another site when you login, and you will no longer be able to proceed directly from there. So do the following: 

  1. Go to and log out. 
  2. Try logging into Maventa again via 
  3. Enter your username > Next
  4. Enter your email and password > Continue 
  5. Enter a 6-digit verification code > Sign in

I tried logging into Maventa several times and now my account is locked. What should I do? 

The account will be locked after several login attempts with the incorrect ID. If your login has been correct and this still happens, a notification will be sent to your email. Clicking the "open account now" link in the notification will allow you to sign in again as normal. 

My company has used a common username for Maventa and now not all of the users can log in. What can we do? 

With the renewed login policy, users can no longer use a common username to log in to Maventa user interface. 

In the future, each user must have their own personal ID, as well as a user-specific authenticator application to be installed on their own computer or phone. 

In order to add a new username to one or more Maventa accounts, you must first set up a two-step login for the shared user, and then add the users to the account after logging in. 

  1. Sign in to your Maventa account normally with the shared ID, and follow the steps to set up a two-step sign-in. 
  2. Once you've logged into your account, you can add users via your account settings: Settings>Company settings>Users>Add user
  3. If you have more than one Maventa account, you can add users to multiple or all of the accounts you Manage via Settings>Company settings>Users>Add user>Add companies

Can we continue to use the shared user? 

The co-user ID can continue to be used in Maventa and, if necessary, it can also be added to new accounts. In this case, the used ID can be used, for example, for API connection between Maventa and the accounting software, in which case the connection is not behind the user ID of an individual. 

However, only one person can use the co-user ID to login to Maventa. If more than one person must have access to the account(s), each user must have their own personal email addresses as logins. 

Does adding a user to Maventa cost anything? 

Adding users to your accounts does not cost anything, you can add as many of them as needed directly from your account settings. 

How do I add one user to multiple accounts? 

If you have more than one Maventa account, you can add the new users to some or all of the accounts you manage under Settings>Company settings>Users>Add user>Add companies  


3. Authenticator

What is an authenticator and where can it be downloaded? 

Authenticator is an application that generates a one-time time-limited key codes. The key codes of the authenticator application are used in two-step authentication to verify the authenticity of the user logging into our service. 

The authenticator is connected to Maventa login at the first login, either by scanning the QR code, or by entering the code manually. Then the app will give you a 6-digit code to use to sign in. 

You can download the authenticator to either your smartphone or your computer. 

Do I need to pay for the authenticator? 

Most authenticator apps that support 2-step authentication are free for everyone (e.g. Google authenticator), meaning there is no extra charge for downloading the application.

Can I download the authenticator elsewhere than on my phone? 

You can also install the authenticator on your computer, for example the OTP Manager application. 

For Windows:
For Mac:

Another option is to download the authenticator as a browser add-on. 


I can't I install the authenticator on my computer, what do I do? 

If you have tried to install the authenticator on your computer and it does not work, we recommend that you try downloading another authenticator instead. Not all authenticators from different service providers may work on all operating systems. 

If you have tried to install several different authenticators on your computer without success. we recommend that you try installing the authenticator as an add-on for Chrome, Firefox or Edge instead. (Links above)

The 6-digit authenticator code does not work, what do I do? 

FYI! Please note that the QR code provided during login, in step 2/5, must be scanned or manually entered into the application in all cases. The code provided when logging in is intended specifically for logging into Maventa, so you will not be able to login with other codes. 

In this case, we recommend that you check the QR code scan was successful for the application. If you entered the code into the authenticator by copying it, please make sure that no extra characters or spaces were included, and that it is exactly the same as the given code. At the first login, you can go back to step 2/5 and scan, or re-enter the code manually if necessary. 

After activating the authenticator with the QR code, or a manual code, the app will give you a 6-digit code. When entering the 6-digit code in its required field, please ensure that you enter the code without spaces (e.g. 123456). 

Please also note that the application constantly updates the code and if the code becomes red, it is obsolete and you should wait for the next number combination. 

The problem may also be that the Google Authenticator's clock is not synchronised correctly. Here is how to set the correct time: 

  1. Open the Google Authenticator's main menu on your Android device. 
  2. Click Add>Settings>Time Correction and then click Sync now.  

Next, the app confirms that the time is synchronised and now you should be able to login. The synchronisation only affects the time in the Google Authenticator app, the time and date setting on your device have not been changed. 

If you can't add the code to the app, next you can try removing the app completely from your phone and reinstalling it. After that you will be able to scan the QR code or enter it manually on your device. If necessary, you can also try downloading another authenticator. 

I have downloaded the authenticator, but the 6-digit code is not working and I have my emergency code. What should I do? 

Please contact our customer service, for example via our support portal chat service (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm) or by email to, and we will send you a new emergency code to your email. After receiving the emergency code, follow the instructions below to redefine the 6-digit authenticator code:

  1. Login to Maventa using "Try another method" instead of using the 6-digit code.
  2. Choose "Use one-time emergency code" > copy and paste your emergency code. 
  3. Save the new emergency code that the system gives you. Then press "I have saved the emergency code".
  4. Once you are logged into Maventa (if there are several companies, login to one company) go to personal settings and press "Change password" 
  5. On this page, you'll see "you can edit your password and 2-step login here" press "here" to access the account settings page. 
  6. When you have gained access to the account settings page, press "Disable two-step verification" > continue. 
  7. Press "Forget my phone" 
  8. Finally, enter your one-time emergency code, which you have saved in step 4. 
  9. When you have successfully disabled two-step verification, press "Enable two-step verification". 
  10. Set your username and password as a signature > continue. 
  11. Now the normal two-step authentication installation starts > continue. 
  12. Scan the QR code or enter it manually > continue 
  13. Enter the 6-digit code provided by the application > continue. 
  14. The system provides a disposable emergency code that should be stored in a safe location. If you have problems logging in with the 6-digit code in the future, you can use the emergency code you have saved. 

Can the same emergency code be used for every login? 

The emergency code can only be used once, for one login. It is intended for situations where no other means of login are possible (for example, in the event that your phone is lost but you still need to access your Maventa account). 

If you need to use your emergency code, you will receive a new one through Maventa, which must be stored in a safe place for the next emergency. 

Does a 6-digit code need to be enter each time I login? 

The authenticator and its 6-digit code do not need to be used each time you login to Maventa. The next time you login, you can select "Remember this device for 30 days". In this case, you only need to enter the code when logging in every 30 days. 

Can I use another method in addition to the authenticator when logging in? 

In addition to the authenticator, you can enable SMS authentication the next time you login. This requires that you specify your phone number in your user settings. In this case, when logging into Maventa, you have the option to "Try another method" instead of entering the 6-digit code, which will open a menu of alternative login methods and a 6-digit code will be sent to you as a text message. 

Here is how to enable SMS authentication: 

  1. Login to Maventa.
  2. One you are logged in (if you have more than one company, select the one you want to login to), go to settings and press change password. 
  3. You can edit your password and two-step login by pressing "here" to access the account settings page. 
  4. One on the account settings page, scroll down to "password authentication" and select "enable SMS on all registered devices"
  5. Enter your current Maventa password > continue. 
  6. You will receive a notification "You have already enabled SMS in 2-step verification. It will be available to all phone numbers registered to your account" > press done and now text message authentication is enabled. 
  7. The next time you login, you will get the option to "try another method", where you can receive a 6-digit verification code on your mobile phone via SMS instead of an authenticator. 

To login to Maventa with SMS confirmation, just select "try another method" instead of entering the 6-digit code. 

Can I disable 2FA authentication completely? 

For security reasons, logging into Maventa is currently only possible by activating the authenticator. It is not possible to completely override two-step authentication. 

However, once you have made the initial configuration, you can select in the now login that the device you are using should be remembered for 30 days, during which the code will not be required when logging in for 30 days. This allows frequently logged in users to not have to use an authenticator every time they login, instead a username and password will suffice. 

It has been decided to change the login policy because the 2FA verification code sent by email has not been considered to be a sufficiently secure and functional way. For example, the recipient of the confirmation codes sent by email has depended on the operation of the recipient's email server, in which case the login has not served all users equally. 

Now that the authenticator has replaced the email code, these challenges are gone. Nowadays, instead of using the verification code from the email, it is only extracted from an authenticator application that can be installed on a computer, browser add-on, or a mobile phone. 

Thus, after the initial configuration, the actual process remains very similar, and the actual login process should not take much longer than before. 

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