Microsoft Event Viewer has all the same log files that Connector has. You can use Microsoft Event Viewer to create warnings for different errors that appear into Connector's log, i.e. invoice send error. This way you will always get an email notification about errors and you do not have to follow local Connector's log manually.

  1. Open Windows Event Viewer
  2. Choose Maventa from the left side (from "Applications and Services...")

  3. Click error and choose "Attach Task To This Event"
  4. Create Basic Task Wizard-window opens:
    First give the task a name and a description (example below) and choose next:

  5. Choose the action "Send an e-mail" and click next:

  6. Write sender's and recipient's emails, and the headline and content for the notification. Then add SMTP server, and click next:

  7. Finish the task creation and you are done!


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