Before implementing Maventa, you should define your company's account settings.

If you register your company through you are required to be authorized using strong authentication (Step 3: Company authorization.)

The authorization enables both the company's e-invoicing functions and the bank network connection, which enables the sending and receiving of invoices via the bank network.

When a registered company logs into the service for the first time, a view opens where the company's basic settings are to be filled in:

Step 1 : Address information

Fill in the company's address information

Step 2: General settings

Fill in the company email address (Company email) and invoice email (Invoice email). We send notifications of incoming invoices to the invoice email. If the invoicing email is not specified separately, notifications of invoices are sent to the company's email address. You can also prevent notifications from being sent to you.

Activate the printing service if you want to be able to send paper invoices. Also choose the letter class: economy or priority.

Step 3.0: Company authorization

After filling in the required information, go to the strong authentication from the following section:

Step 3.1: Enter the e-mail address of the signatory and select "Send"

Now enter the e-mail address of the signatory, to which the signature invitation will be sent. This is usually the email address of the logged-in user. The signatory must have the right to represent the company in e-invoicing matters. After sending the invitation, the address to which the message was sent will now be visible on the screen, as well as a link to correct the address, if necessary.

Step 3.2: The company account will be activated when we have received confirmation from Visma Sign

Once the signature is done and we have received confirmation from Visma Sign, you can click the "Continue" button and you will be transferred to your account.

If the Visma Sign confirmation has not gone through yet or it has failed, you will get an error message when you click "Continue", which informs you that the identification must be completed before you can be sent back to your account.

If you are not the signatory yourself, you can also leave the service after sending the invitation. We'll send you an email once the signing is complete, and you can then return to complete the first time wizard.

Step 4: Receiving invoices

After continuing to the account, check the box if you want to receive e-invoices to your Maventa account:

You can also register your company as a PEPPOL recipient. In practice, this means that you can receive electronic invoices from all companies that send invoices through the PEPPOL network. Registration is free, and the price of receiving invoices is in accordance with the standard price list.

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