Before installation

Removing an old version: Make sure you remove the old version of Connector before installing a new one. Connector can be installed in two different locations: ProgramFiles and ProgramData. Check both locations and delete all old files.

Checking the configuration file: The old configuration file of the Connector (config.xml), located in the ProgramData folder, may remain in the system and affect the new installation. Remember to delete this file if you do not want the new Connector to use the old settings.

Download the new version

You can download the latest Connector version directly from Maventa's documentation. Before downloading, please make sure that you have completed the above steps.

Handling the error message during installation

If you receive the error message "Error 1001. Service already exists" during installation, please follow these steps to perform a manual removal:

1. Opening up the service management

  • Search your workstation Windows Services Management OR
  • Open the command prompt and type the command as administrator:
    • Press the Windows key, type "cmd" and press Enter, or
    • open the Menu by pressing Windows, search for "Command Prompt" or "Command Prompt" and click to open.
    • Type command services.msc and press Enter.

2. Stopping the service

  • Search for "Maventa Connector Service" from the list.
  • If the service is running, stop it by clicking on the name and selecting "Stop service".

3. Deleting the service

  • Reopen the command line as administrator.
  • Enter the command: sc DELETE MaventaService
    • If you are using PowerShell, the command is sc.exe delete MaventaService

4. Restarting the system

  • Restart your computer.

5. Carrying out the installation

  • Open the downloaded Connector installation file (maventa-connector-installer-latest.msi).
  • Follow the installation instructions that appear.

Following these instructions carefully will ensure that your Maventa Connector installation goes smoothly and that you are up and running with the latest version.

You can find your current version details in the Connector at the bottom right:

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