If you have a new phone, but the previous one is still usable, you can use the authenticator application on the previous phone to transfer the account to the new phone as follows:

Download Google Authenticator to your new phone. After that, open Google Authenticator on the old phone and select the three dots on the top right. Select "Transfer accounts" and "Exporting accounts" (creates a QR code), as well as "Importing accounts" on the new phone, so you can read the QR code. In this way, the authenticator accounts you created earlier will be transferred to the authenticator application of the new phone. (Note! the instructions apply only for the Google Authenticator application).

If you're having issues with your 6-digit authenticator code or can't access your old phone, we suggest re-enabling two-factor authentication. To do this, follow these simple steps:

(1. Remove the 6-digit code connected with Maventa from your authenticator if your authenticator app is still active) 
2. Head to Maventa's login page. If you have lost your password, start by pressing "Forgot your password" and reset your password first. 
3. Enter your username and click Next. 
4. Enter your Maventa password and click "Log in".
5. Instead of a 6-digit code, try another way by pressing *Try another method*
6. Choose "Use a one-time emergency code", then copy and paste the one-time emergency code you received in your email and Confirm. 
7. Save the new one-time emergency code that the system provides you with (you won't be able to complete the instructions without it). Then press "I have written down my new one-time emergency code".
8. Once you have logged in Maventa, go to "My Settings" and choose "Change password". If you have several companies, choose one of them first and then choose "My settings". Once you have pressed "Change password", you get a page that says "You can change your password and 2fa authentification here". Press "here" and you'll get to "Account settings"-page.

9. To turn off two-factor authentication, go to Account Settings and click "Disable Two-Factor Authentication." You'll be taken to a new page where you'll need to confirm that you want to turn it off. 
Once you've read through the information, click "Next." If you've lost your phone, click "Lost Your Phone" and enter the emergency code you saved in step 4. 
Then click "Continue."
Once you have disabled 2fa, press "Enable Two-Factor Authentication". Next, enter your email address and password to verify this action.

Now you can start configuring your 2 factor authentification:
Press "NEXT"

1. Scan the QR-code with your authenticator app. Once the code is added, press "NEXT"
2. Enter the 6-digit code shown in your app  and press "NEXT"
3. Once the 6-digit code has been entered, you can add your phone number. If you choose to add your number, you'll receive a 6 digit code via sms. If you want to skip this, just press "NEXT"
4. The system will provide you with an emergency code you need to save. You can copy the code by pressing the button next to the code. After saving the code, press "NEXT". You will need this code if your authenticator app stops working or you swap/lose your phone/device.

After this, you'll receive a notification that confirms the 2fa process succeeded. 

If you don't have your emergency code saved, please contact our customer service support@maventa.com.

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