In PEPPOL related matters you will probably stumble on the word Access Point. An e-invoice operator is synonymous to an Access point. The sender of the invoice sends the e-invoice to their Access point via the PEPPOL network to the receiver's Access point, from where the e-invoice is fetched to the ERP.

The difference when sending an e-invoice to the PEPPOL network is that the sender gives the information "PEPPOL" instead of the operator's service ID. For example in Finland you if you would send through the national operator network the address would be in the form EIA@service ID (003712345678@003721291126), but when sending through the PEPPOL network it would be in the form EIA@PEPPOL (0037:003712345678@PEPPOL).

Note that using different Access Points for different document types is possible, e.g. one to receive invoices, another to receive orders, but company cannot register the same document type to different Access Points.

If the company is already registered to receive invoices through another Access Point than Maventa this registration needs to be removed by the old Access Point before Maventa can do the registration.

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