Invoices can still be sent in the normal way from the invoicing program. As a sender, you do not need to make changes to the content of the material. You only need to make sure that the invoice material is valid and contains the mandatory information below:

  1. The recipient's complete mailing address is provided
  2. The due date is not in the past and there are at least 4 banking days
  3. The final amount of the invoice corresponds to the sum of the added lines
  4. The original image of the invoice is removed from the transmission at this stage.

Which invoices do not go through Receivables management service?

Only invoices with the currency euro (EUR) are accepted for the service. Invoices in other currencies are routed to recipients directly past the Accounts Payable. The sender must follow up on the receivables of these invoices.

The service cannot be used with the following invoice formats: OIOXML, WoodX, BGC, Axflow, Facturae, PX, UBL, Facturae

There is a grace period of 5 days at the beginning for the transmission of consumer e-invoices (B2C) through the service. During these 5 days, consumer invoices are sent directly to end customers without going through the service. Maventa forwards the content of the invoice to Visma Financial Solutions for editing.

What information on the invoice gets changed:

IBAN - Visma Financial Solutions will replace the payment information from the sent invoice with their own IBAN. In this way the receiver pays the invoice using Visma Financial Solutions account information and then Visma Financial Solutions pays the money to the sender using the account information that was given in the service activation form, and the reference number from the original invoice created by the sender. On the invoices there will only be one IBAN and that IBAN will be the same for all the invoices sent from the company. You will get the IBAN as a response from the activation API call.

REFERENCE NUMBER - Visma Financial Solutions will replace the reference number from the sent invoice with their own one. You will get the reference number used by Visma Financial Solutions from the assignment.


InvoiceFreeText Visma Financial Solutions will add new InvoiceFreeText elements to the invoice containing a link to their customer service for the receiver: VERKKOPALVELU: KIRJAUTUMISTUNNUS: xxxx. Existing InvoiceFreeText elements won’t get overridden but new ones will be added.

Elements in Finvoice XML that gets modified: SellerAccountDetails, EpiBfiIdentifier, EpiBeneficiaryPartyDetails, EpiReference, EpiRemittanceInfoIdentifier, VirtualBankBarcode, FactoringAgreementIdentifier, FactoringFreeText and InvoiceFreeText

INVOICE IMAGE - Maventa will create a new invoice image from the modified invoice XML so that the receiver gets the correct information also on the image.

If you are using your own invoice image and payment details with the service, this does not fully apply. Read more about using your own image and payment details

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