To activate the Receivables service, login to your Maventa account and choose 'Receivables' from the main menu. On this page, fill in your company details in the form and click 'Continue'. Complete the setup in Netvisor KYC by clicking on the link and filling in the data request form. To complete the form, you will need your personal online banking ID or mobile ID. The service will then be available to you within 1-2 days at no extra charge.

According to the Money Laundering Act, Visma Amili Oy must ensure that they know their customers and their activities. The person responsible for the request for information must be authorised to act on behalf of the organisation by virtue of their position or power of attorney. Where the right of representation is based on a power of attorney, the power of attorney must be attached to the form. If the deployment is not finalised within one week, the form will be sent to the contact person's email address as a reminder.

Please note that by activating the service, you accept the Visma Terms of Use and the Service Price List. 

Once the service is activated, all invoices sent from the company's account will go through Receivables service.

Bank account details:

Details of your company's bank account, to which Visma Amili Oy pays the receivable. Payments always use the reference number of the original invoice, so the allocation of receivables is handled in the ERP as usual.

Contact information

A person with whom we can contact, if necessary, in matters related to the Ledger. The contact information will also appear in the transfer clause that Visma Amili Oy adds to all your invoices that go through the service.

Billing information:

Billing information for possible service charges. For example, service fees related to possible legal costs in later collection stages. Also, the value added tax of the fee, compensation or expense accrued from the customer is invoiced to the client, if the client has the right to deduct the value added tax on the collected fee. This VAT does not increase collection costs, as it is a fully deductible item.

More information on service fees can be found in Visma Amili Oy's price list .

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