If receiver doesn’t pay the invoice on time, Visma Amili Oy handles reminder sending according to their process schedule and later on handles the possible debt collection. All this you can follow up through the assignment events.

The process chart for sending an invoice in a normal situation where the recipient pays their invoice on time:

- The sender sends his invoice just like before from his ERP program.

- The invoice comes to Maventa and we forward it to Visma Amili Oy for editing.

- Visma Amili Oy replaces the payment information on the invoice with its own and returns the invoice back to Maventa for the standard invoice sending process.

- Maventa sends the modified invoice to the recipient and an invoice assignment is created for the service.

- The recipient pays the invoice using Visma Amili Oy account information and the invoice assignment is marked as paid.

- Visma Amili Oy settles the receivables to the sender's account and the invoice assignment is closed.

When the customer pays an invoice to Visma Amili Oy, they settle the payment to the company's account using the account number given when activating the receivables management service and the reference number of the original invoice. The assignment is marked with information about the payment and the assignment is closed. When the assignment closes, it disappears from the assignment listing. Afterwards, you can see the assignment events under the additional information of the sent invoice in the new user interface.

What happens if the end customer does not pay the invoice on time?

If the customer does not pay the invoice on time, notice and collection processes are initiated at Visma Amili Oy. When Visma Amili Oy sends a reminder about the assignment to the customer, the "Collection status" column shows "Reminder sent" as an entry. There is also an entry in the transaction list of the invoice assignment when the payment reminder has been sent. If the invoice assignment proceeds to collection, this information is displayed in the same place.

The list of assignments can also be filtered so that you only get a list that shows only the assignments that have progressed to collection.

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