Here are instructions on how to log into your company's Maventa account with an emergency code:

1. Go to the Maventa login page

2. Enter your username (email address) and press Next

3. Enter your password and press Log in

4. Instead of the 6-digit code, press Try another way

5. Select "Use one-time emergency code". Copy and paste your one-time emergency code that has been sent to your email.

6. Save the new one-time emergency code that the system gives you. After that tick the box "I have written down my new one-time emergency code" and you will get to your Maventa account.

When you have managed to log in to the company's Maventa account, you can, if necessary, re-enable the two-step authentication so that in the future you can log in with your authenticator and 6-digit code. In this situation, you can start the instructions directly from section 5.

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