PEPPOL (Pan European Public eProcurement On-Line) is a European network for the transmission of electronic documents. By registering into the network, you will be able to receive electronic invoices from any company that can send through the PEPPOL network.

Through registration, the information of your company's ability to receive invoices through the PEPPOL network is also added to the PEPPOL Directory service at Registration is free of charge and receiving costs are the same as with regular e-invoice receiving.

All e-invoices that go through PEPPOL are in PEPPOL BIS format. For Maventa's Finnish customers this means that when the e-invoice arrives to Maventa in BIS format, the invoice material is converted when fetched to the ERP to the format used by the customer (e.g. Finvoice). On the other hand, if the customer sends an invoice via the PEPPOL network, the invoice is converted to the PEPPOL BIS format from e.g. Finvoice.

The company's PEPPOL e-invoicing address consists of a prefix and an identifier. The prefix of Finnish companies is "0216" and the identification number is the OVT/EIA. When sending through PEPPOL, the operator code is always "PEPPOL" and not the Access point the receiver is using. An example of a PEPPOL online invoice address: 0216:003712345678@PEPPOL.

The prefix varies between countries and organizations. You can look up different countries prefixes and identification numbers through this link.

You can search for receiving companies registered in PEPPOL from the PEPPOL directory through this link.

More information about the PEPPOL project here.

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