If any outbound invoices end up in error, we recommend to check the reason for the error and try to correct information on the invoice. Here you can see a list of common error messages that are returned by Maventa or the recipient's operator. In addition, we will guide you on how the invoice material or routing details should be corrected.


This error message means that the XML is incompatible or does not follow the invoice format rules. A validation error can occur e.g. because a text in an element is too long or exceeds the character limit. You can test your XML-file at your Maventa account under Invoices -> Test XML invoice material. The validator tells you which row in the XML has an error, as well as a description of the error. The XML should be corrected in your ERP and resent.

Not enough information about the recipient.

Error message in full:

Not enough information about the recipient.

Try to provide as much information as possible about the recipient.

In order for Maventa to forward the invoice, the recipient must have at least one of the following information:

Maventa ID, EDI ID, VAT / Y ID, e-mail address or postal address.

An error message may mean that the information is incomplete or incorrect.

For example, you may receive an error message in the following cases:

the recipient has not been given an e-invoice address at all (EDI ID and operator ID) and the address has not been found on the basis of the business ID

the recipient's operator ID is entered in both the EDI and carrier ID fields, and the EDI ID is completely missing;

the recipient's operator id is incorrect

The EDI ID is invalid

So please correct the information in your billing program, and then resend the invoice for the trip.Alternatively, you can re-route the invoice yourself with the correct information via your Maventa account (please note that the information must also be corrected in the billing program in the future):

Log in https://secure.maventa.com

Choose "Invoices" -tab and then "Sent" -tab

Find the invoice with an error, that you want to resend/re-route

Press "Show invoice"-button to see the details of the invoice

Scroll down and press "Re-route invoice again" -button

Choose the way you want to resend the invoice: E-Invoice, E-mail, Print Service

Fill in the missing or changed information and press "Re-route invoice"

You can find pictorial instructions here.

We recommend that you check the address with the recipient, but you can also retrieve e-invoice addresses from the public e-invoicing address book.

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